Humaira Khan

HK Makeup Studio

“Your genetics load the gun, your lifestyle pulls the trigger”, says the famous Dr. Oz. If you did not already believe in that, you will now, once you get to know about this well known and self-taught makeup artist, bringing about colourful transformations in the lives of Jeddah’s women by practising the profession towards which she had an inclination since a very young age.

Personal Statement

Interviewed By Saniya Owais

Humaira Khan, at HK Makeup Studio eagerly awaited me with some tea and refreshments, and with her trademark smile, while I hurriedly put my pen and paper to work.

When did you establish HK Makeup Studio?

Its been a period of over two years since I started; 2014 to be precise.

Why makeup artistry?

There was a girl aged 7 who loved playing with makeup like most girls that young do. But this girl used to get her family members and cousins ready for parties and weddings when she was merely a student of Grade 5. I think she inevitably had to grow up to be Humaira Khan *laughs whole heartedly*.

How were things at the start of it all? Did bulk makeup buying seem like a challenge at first?

Yes it was indeed a big investment. I engaged myself in a lot of research and tried to intelligently plan things out as much as I could. Keeping in mind that Jeddah has a vast majority of Asians, I selected all kinds of drugstore and high end makeup products that complement Asian skin tones. It wasn’t easy at the start, but considering where I am today, I wouldn’t have done any bit differently.

When you had started learning, who were YOUR makeup gurus? Which certifications do you hold?

I have been certified as a makeup artist by the following makeup artists- Nilo Haq, Wafa Khan, Saba Khan, Samer Khouzami, Natasha, Anam Falak, Tamanna Roshan, and Saleha Abbasi. And I did my hairstylist certification from Pivot Point. I also want to add that I am still learning. Regardless of whether its a small or big makeup artist, I believe you need to take knowledge from all directions and not aim only for the big names. I keep myself updated and enroll in makeup courses quite often.

You have been conducting makeup and grooming classes yourself too. How much have they been of help and what would your message be for girls eager to learn about makeup?

I have a strong urge for young girls to have basic makeup and grooming skills, for their personality development and because they should be able to cope up with the pace at which makeup and fashion is evolving worldwide. Also, they should be self-sufficient and should not need to run to the salon everytime there is a party or a social gathering. Luckily enough, ever since I held my first makeup + grooming class, the response has been beyond my expectation. I have conducted 3 international classes as well. Also, I provide one to one makeup lessons for interested individuals. All of this reminds me of when I was a teacher myself.

Oh, really? Tell us more about that.

Well, I had been teaching in Jeddah for 7 years before I stepped into my makeup business.

And how did this interesting transition take place?

As much as I loved makeup, I had a flare for teaching too. It was something I enjoyed doing as long as I was associated with it. But at one point, I realized I did love teaching, but was in actuality ‘passionate’ about makeup. From that point on, I took a little u-turn. But with my makeup classes, I re-live my teaching days. And it just practically combines my two favourite professions.

What kinds of makeup looks are your expertise?

Eyes. In my idle time I subconsciously mix colors and create eye makeup looks in my head; wanting to play with colours is an addiction, and if put to use rightly, an art.

What are a few makeup products that you cannot leave home without having them in your purse?

Lip gloss, brow pencil, and mascara are my must haves.

Is there a celebrity you wish you could doll up?

In all honesty, Deepika Padukone. She has the most attractive face and features. Makeup glides beautifully on wheatish skin complexion in my opinion.