Sualeha Amir

Graphic Designer

Design has the power of always being different in every project, never being repetitive and constantly requires you to expand your own culture and to research ideas within a creative process. Likewise graphic design is known for its omnipresence and diversity, as it is present nearly everywhere: on printed material, web, signage, packaging, advertising, or branding and visual identity. I graduated in graphic design from Future Institute of higher education and training in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. During this course I learnt to create and research for graphic projects such as logotypes and visual identities, posters, leaflets, illustrations, etc., and how to use every component that is part of designing, either theoretical (layout, composition, colour theory, etc.) or practical (sketch drawing, using Adobe creative cloud). In my own work, I am mostly inspired by the Swiss style, for its simplicity, minimalism and heavy use of typography; it is graphic design in its essence, as a way to efficiently convey a message without being superfluous. I created logos, layouts for printed brochures and helped clients with various projects. These were really rich experiences that taught me to work with a team of other designers, to be more autonomous and more productive in a professional environment.