Shagufta Munaf Khan

Senior Manager at Forever Living Products

While most of us still wonder what the entire hype about Forever Living Products is, she escalates step by step on her ladder of success by associating herself with, and embracing this business, which now she can proudly call herself an owner of.

Personal Statement

Interview by Saniya Owais

Shagufta Manaf Khan- a young lady willing to live up to her high ideals of life, lives in Jeddah and is working at Supervisor level for FLP (Forever Living Products) and is among their award winning members.

What makes this business different from the others, and how has her journey been so far; Shagufta was in conversation with me today to answer these questions.

How and when did you become a part of the FLP team?

In July 2016, on a friend’s recommendation I joined FLP. She swore by their quality as she had used them herself.

Did it take you a long time to get hold of how things worked around it?

It took me a few months to realize how to go about it as the person who had introduced me to it was out of reach due to unavoidable circumstances. Overtime I figured I needed a strong team to flourish at my business. And I started networking and spreading the word around.

What factors have played a positive role during your initial struggle?

Good communication and social skills, reaching out to a vast number of acquaintances including friends, relatives and neighbors, have really been a plus point at the start of my journey.

How can people with not many acquaintances promote their business?

They can become a part of a team, for example mine. This way we work together and earn together. Infact the bigger and stronger the team the more the retail and “team bonus”.

What has your progress been ever since you joined it?

I have been among those awarded the Top Business Developers 2016 title, and the Top Personal Business Owners 2016 title. I have been meeting our monthly sale challenges a lot of the times which is always acknowledged by the company and never goes unnoticed. I have customers in Dubai and the UK as well. I have also gotten my husband to join it, who has also been promoted to the Supervisor level. So basically within a year we have both been promoted from Distributor to Supervisor level which is a massive achievement Alhamdulillah.

What, according to you, is the key to success for any business?

Belief. Faith. Not just in yourself but in what you are selling. You have to personally be sure of the genuineness and quality of your product, and that only happens when you use it yourself and make it a part of your own life.

What are the benefits and incentives associated with it?

The benefits are directly proportional to the hardwork you are investing in the job. I get monthly discounts and free kits. Moreover, recently a team member won a cruise trip to Europe as her anniversary gift.

All this at the click of your phone/computers?

All this at the click of our phone and computers. I use Whatsapp and Facebook as my major resources.

What do you think is the future of your career?

Its as bright as could be. I believe in keeping myself updated and informed about the recent developments in my company. Henceforth I attend their conferences and business presentations in Jeddah which gives me an insight into the same. Moreover, hardwork is my strength and I never let go of it. And all of this gives me the confidence I need to have in myself- thats how I know I’m headed in the right direction. Im aiming to be promoted to the Manager level within a few months inshaAllah and I would encourage more people to join me so that together we can form a successful and sound team of entrepreneurs.

How can people join you in your business?

They can whatsapp me on 00966533912716 Or they can go to this link to join FLP