Eema Amin


Hi Everyone! My name is Eema Amin, and I'm a student in grade 9. I'm a self-taught, energetic crafter who has been crafting since the age of four. Although I am no expert, I would love to encourage others to get started. My aunt has been a great inspiration for me growing up and this passion that I have developed is all thanks to her. I have taught myself everything from card-making to painting to decor DIYs but I honestly think I excel at card-making. Card-making may seem boring or uninteresting, but when you get started it is enjoyable and is very useful. Cards are used on various occasions around the year either it’s to wish someone a happy birthday or to give someone a get-well-soon card. Instead of buying cards from the store, you can customize your own which not only saves money, but also shows how much you care for the other as you spent time on a card just for them.

Personal Statement